Roundup: Each link clicked at least 100 times

What was once a weekly roundup of the most popular links that I’ve shared on Twitter has been sidetracked by 140pix. Since these links have been marinating for a couple of weeks, each one was clicked at least 100 times. You can receive Weekly Almighty Links as an email or add it to your RSS reader or custom home page.

The X Prizes for news (and media)Jeff Jarvis points out three news problems that need to be solved, and is looking for funding to award a prize to solve them.

Popular journalism Bookmarks on Delicious: This is simply a great source to find blog posts and articles that people tag as “journalism” as they save and share links.

Foursquare Beats Twitter to Local Advertising GoldmineJennifer Van Grove explains how a location-based social media game has figured out a way to encourage players to visit local stores, aka advertisers.

This is Twingly Channels: This is one of many products that hope to filter the amount of noise found in social media. Two screenshots lets you compare an unfiltered social stream with a filtered version.

Clive Thompson on How the Real-Time Web Is Leaving Google Behind: Wired takes a look at the many real-time search engines that are trying to make sense of, and/or improve search results by using, social media streams.

Spot.Us Expands to L.A. with Annenberg and a 10-month State of the SpotDavid Cohn’s community-funded reporting project expands to Southern California. Cohn explains the details.

Sydney Armageddon: Stuart Ryan posted these incredible images from a huge Australian dust storm.

Project 10 to the 100: Google launched a “call for ideas to change the world by helping as many people as possible.” I referred to an idea to “build real-time, user-reported news service” when I tweeted this link.

Web journalism growing up fast: A quote from Fairfax Media online editor-in-chief Mike van Niekerk caught my eye. He said that their multimedia production are occasionally sponsored “although it is easier to sell advertising on straight video clips.”

Newspapers still producing great journalism: M. Scott Brauer shows off some great visual work being created on the web by newspaper organizations.

Tsunami hits American Samoa: The Associated Press story as served by Yahoo soon after the tsunami hit.

Follow journalism on Twitter with one click: This is my little list of people who frequently discuss journalism on Twitter.

Pictures tweeted from the #140tc Twitter Conference: Honestly, almost all of the links I shared to my 140pix side project were clicked on over 100 times, but I don’t want to waste time here with every headline, so feel free to visit the site or become a fan on Facebook for sneak peaks of posts to come.

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