How to tap your Delicious network

So you’ve taken the time to build a Delicious network full of people who bookmark pages relevant to the topic that you cover. Now what? Tap into that network to keep up with topics you cover and find important information and pages to link to and share with your readers friends in social networks.

Keep up. Visit your network at least once a day to find new links that can help you do your job. To do this, go to and click on the arrow next to “People” near the top of the page. Then, click on “My Network.” I just found this awesome Google Maps tutorial by Daniel Sato near the top of the list on my network.

Search. Go to your network page and look to the right of the page. Type something into the search box and hit return. Your results will include a group of pages bookmarked by your network. Take a look at my results for delicious journalism. I had nothing, and the list from “everyone” started with Digg and a “complete tool collection.” But my network came through with pages from, Columbia Journalism Review and Nieman Reports.

Browse. Again, visit your network page. This time, look near the top of the page, enter a topic into the “Type a tag” box and hit return. You’ll find some pages that have been talked about on other social networks or blogs, but you’ll also discover some pages that you have never seen. In the list of journalism-tagged pages in my network, I just found a four-part series on coding for journalists.