Top sources for news about journalism (part one)

Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) has a great Twitter list of Top Journalism Linkers. I asked some of the people on that list to share their top sources for journalism news. Here are their replies.

  1. Kevin Sablan
    ksablan Question for @ckanal @jeffjarvis @mediatwit @mediagazer @cressman @mathewi: What’s your top source for journalism news?
  2. Megan McCarthy
    Megan @ksablan @AlexMurashko Mediagazer publishes our source leaderboard:
  3. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal @ksablan That’s a tough one. I have this list & check them all frequently @ckanal/media-analysis. Really like @rww & @mashable.
  4. Mark Glaser
    mediatwit @ksablan No top source for j-news. Romenesko, MediaShift, Nieman Lab, Mediabistro, Poynter, ReadWriteWeb all good.
  5. Mark Glaser
    mediatwit @ksablan Also: Howard Kurtz, IWantMedia, Mediagazer, BuzzMachine, On the Media, NewTeeVee and others.
  6. Mathew Ingram
    mathewi @ksablan: increasingly, I get my media news from @mediagazer — but also my list of media sources on Twitter
  7. Dale Cressman
    cressman Weirdly,it’s becoming Twitter. RT @ksablan: What’s your top source for journalism news?

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Somehow, I made it into Rosen’s list, so here is where I get most of my information about journalism:

Share your sources

Where do you get news about news and journalism? Please share in the comments below and help other readers and me to stay current with the changing world of journalism.

Sources of top journalism linkers revealed

NYU professor Jay Rosen has a Twitter list of the “top 15-20 people most likely to give good link about journalism and its struggles.”

The Twitter Times creates a “real-time personalized newspaper” based on links shared by people you follow on Twitter, and the people your followers follow. Links are ranked by recency and popularity. Here is Rosen’s Twitter Times:

Jay Rosen's Twitter Times

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the people on Rosen’s linkers list use Twitter to discover some journalism articles and blog posts. Not all of the people on the list subscribe to The Twitter Times, but here are the “personalized newspapers” of the six seven who do: