Tangerine whiteboards

I’m at #SMMOC and conducting an experiment with unique content and search engine results. The assumption is that not too many people have covered tangerine whiteboards.

If I actually knew something about tangerine whiteboards then this is where I would write about that topic. Let’s pretend that most whiteboards come in other fruit varieties. If many blogs have already talked about apple whiteboards and orange whiteboards, then a blog post of tangerine whiteboards might be in high demand.

So the theory is that writing unique content will make your blog post rise to the top of search engine results when people search for that unique content. Here is the process:

  1. Write the blog post
  2. Hope that Google crawls this page within the next 60 minutes
  3. Search for tangerine whiteboards in Google
  4. Pray that this post comes up near the top of the search engine result page