Sites link to Twitter more than three top newspapers combined

According to Google, 77,400 web pages link to

You can find links to a particular web site — the USA Today site for example — by searching for Google for ““. Results for Twitter look like this:

Google search results for sites linking to Twitter

I ran that same kind of search for the top three U.S. newspapers (by circulation), and found 71,200 links to their sites. That’s 6,200 less than Twitter.

Here is a list of the top ten U.S. papers and the number of web pages Google found linking to their sites. Click on a publication to visit its site. Click on a number to get the most recent results from Google: 

[Update, June 5: The list is now ordered according to the number of incoming links. Numbers have not been changed.]

  1. The Washington Post40,400
  2. USA Today: 29,500
  3. The Wall Street Journal: 29,300
  4. Los Angeles Times: 22,900
  5. The New York Times12,400
  6. Chicago Tribune11,600
  7. New York Post10,700
  8. Daily News (New York): 6,150
  9. Houston Chronicle: 5,220
  10. The Arizona Republic: 2,550

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5 thoughts on “Sites link to Twitter more than three top newspapers combined

  1. I wonder how many of those tweets themselves link to newspaper stories, though.

  2. Those are links from other web sites to Twitter. I flipped through a few pages of the search results (can click on the image to take a look) and didn't see any links from Twitter.

  3. Right — but I mean, when people link to, they are generally linking to particular tweets, no? And those tweets themselves link somewhere.

    • Thanks for the smart questions. I took a quick look at the first page of Google\'s results for pages linking to Twitter. Almost all of them actually link to, not a particular tweet, nor a particular user. Notable: Two of those top results were from form The New York Times.

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