This lazy social media resume makes sense

Dog by Ralph Arvesen licensed under CC BY 2.0
Dog by Ralph Arvesen licensed under CC BY 2.0

How lazy is this? I asked my friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to share reasons for a company to hire me. Then I turned those replies into a Storify that I will share with prospective employers as a sort of interactive list of references.

Like most of my work, I didn’t choose this approach because it was easy, or to be different. I selected it because it makes sense. I plan to bring my social media skills to my next job, so it makes sense to use social media tools to demonstrate my abilities.

On the surface, this approach can appear shallow and lazy, but I’m relying on three factors to make it work:

  1. Network: It took years to establish my network through hard work and an innate desire to help others.
  2. Trust: I had to trust that the people I’ve worked with would (a) take the time to reply and (b) say nice things.
  3. Talent: I understand the best way to engage an audience and then capture their responses in a way that made sense.

I have a full-time job right now, and that job is to market myself to companies that I know I could help.

Many newsroom staffers are uncomfortable with marketing themselves, but journalism is a uniquely public profession and today’s newsreaders habitually share articles with their friends, so a journalist’s work is constantly being marketed by the people, to the people. Whether they want to or not, journalists market themselves with every word they write, every photo they take and every relationship they build.

Here is my self-marketing. If you get to the end, please leave a comment. I want to know what you think. Is this really just lazy? Is it something you might consider doing when you look for your next job?

2 thoughts on “This lazy social media resume makes sense

  1. Kevin, since our affiliation over the past several years at SMMOC, you never cease to amaze. Your curiosity of language, social media, stories and all around humanity was apparent each time you shared those early Saturday mornings. Humility becomes you, as I agree you do not stand outside the box with attempts to be different. Rather, your attempt is not an attempt at all. You are merely yourself; a sensible and creatively talented guy who understands his convictions and expresses them beautifully. Keep writing, keep sharing. Thanks for keeping things real in this here world of content. Cheers. :)

    • Thank you sooo much for your kind words, Carin. I’m always pleasantly surprised and forever grateful when anyone actually reads any of the words, images or tweets that I manage to string together. I was at SMMOC about a month ago, and Bob says the next meetup is on Sept. 13. If the soccer-scheduling gods cooperate, and if you plan on attending, I’ll see you there.

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