Follow journalism on Twitter with one click

I recently used Tweepml to create a list of Twitter users who frequently discuss different aspects of journalism. Tweepml lets you follow all of those people, or just those who interest you, in one fell swoop.

Tweepml journalism list

Who do you think should be added to the list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or send me a tweet.

Big hat tip to Jon Lansner for bringing Tweepml to my attention.

4 thoughts on “Follow journalism on Twitter with one click

  1. Great Project. thanks for the tips. Some Australians to add to your list: @mediaActive @julie_posetti and myself @marcusod. Also in Canada @hermida. And surprised @pachecod didn't make your list

    • You must be experiencing a caching issue. Just refresh you're browser and you'll see that that wonderful blog and Twitter account are both accounted for. [Reply sent minutes after making updates]

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