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Picture of an Almighty Link  by Peter Barker
Big Links by Peter Barker licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Almighty Link explores how hyperlinks and social connections  affect news, business, culture and information. Links are, after all, the roots of the digital world.

In 1992, Lynx was born as the world’s first Internet web browser. Its ability to provide hypertext links within documents that could reach into documents anywhere on the Internet began the creation of the web on the Internet.


A decade after hyperlinks connected the world in new ways, human communication changed again when revolutionary social networks emerged.

The effect

News travels the Earth more quickly than ever. It can be delivered immediately, no longer bound by slow physical channels of delivery. It can be relayed by anyone, not just trained journalists, publishers or broadcasters.

Companies hear from their customers more quickly than ever. Businesses can listen to customers as they speak and share information about themselves, their wants and their preferences.

Consumers reach companies more quickly than ever. A myriad of platforms can be used for the buying public to connect with corporations or their representatives.

Global communities develop more quickly than ever. Physical travel is no longer needed to build bonds and hold conversations.

The effects of this accelerated pace of communication is constantly being tested and measured. Let’s discuss how it affects you.

Questions for you

How do you find and consume news and information? Do you rely on links shared by journalists and people whom you follow? Do you actively seek information or passively let news come to you?

How do you use social media and hyperlinks to connect to your customers? Do you reach out to your customers on a regular basis? What tools do you use? Do you have a staff to handle communications or do you do it yourself?

How do you communicate with companies, government officials and organizations? Do you visit official websites, or do you use social networks to talk with businesses and politicians?

What global communities have you joined, and how has that affected your life? How do you find people who share your interests? Have you met these people in “real life?”

Let’s connect

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