Roundup: Truths, futures, EveryBlock, money, women and men

Here are the most clicked-on links that I shared on Twitter during the week ending August 22. You can receive Weekly Almighty Links as an email or add it to your RSS reader or custom home page.

The 12 Undeniable Truths of Freelance Writing: Copywriter Bob Bly offers what he sees as truths that govern the state of freelance writing. I think some of his observations can serve as advice for all writers, not just freelancers. Acquires EveryBlock, a Hyperlocal News Start-up: Two months after its Knight Foundation funding runs out, Adrian Holovaty’s data-mapping hyperlocal project is purchased.

Newspaper war raises a question: Who keeps the tweeps? When a reporter left one Minnesota newspaper for a competing publication, the popular Twitter account for the blog she wrote stayed with her former employer. Hart Van Denburg wonders what would happen if the account was tied more closely to the reporter’s personal brand instead of the company or its blog.

Future of Local News About More Than Paid ContentChris O’Brien reminds those hoping to charge for news online that newspaper sales have never been a large source of revenue. Instead of worrying about paywalls, O’Brien says the focus should be on reinventing the local community and marketplace.

Future of journalism – the personal news agency: The “clairvoyance to your business” blog says all people are consumers and generators of news. It is important for individuals to find the right personal channels of information and “open as many channels possible inside you to let information flow through your senses.”

Male journalists followed 3 times more than females: In a quick study of journalists listed on Muck Rack, I noticed that the three most-followed professionals from each organization were usually men.

The origins of #followwomenjournas: The previous post served as a catalyst for a Twitter hashtag movement to follow women journalists. In this Posterous post, I provide a short introduction and use a list of links to explain how the hashtag started and spread through Twitter.

Digital Journalism Camp, Portland – Revenue Model: Self-proclaimed web geek Jeff Bunch posted this video of a recent panel discussion that centered around ways for journalism to make money.

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