Roundup: Social risks, OC elite, LA map and women journalists

Here are the most clicked-on links that I shared on Twitter during the week ending August 29. You can receive Weekly Almighty Links as an email or add it to your RSS reader or custom home page.

I’m trying something new this week. Visit all of the links in succession and please leave comments below to let me know if this is helpful.

The Many Rewards — and Risks — of Social Media for Newspapers: Editor & Publisher’s Joe Strupp takes a look at how newspaper companies use social media, and some associated challenges, including fact verification and choice of platform.

FTC to Hold Workshops on the Future of Journalism: E.B. Boyd leads with “The death of newspapers is apparently a competitive and consumer protection issue according to the Federal Trade Commission” in this short BayNewser post.

Twitter Elite by location: Orange County, CA: Twitter Grader is a service that, well, grades Twitter users and then ranks them by geography. One day last week, my friend and colleague Jonathan Lansner ranked at the top of the list for Orange County.

Google Map: Traffic on LA streets: You probably know that Google Maps shows traffic conditions on highways. The L.A. Times’ Andrew Nystrom tweeted that it now shows traffic on surface streets, too. This is a live example.

#followwomenjournas — What the Hashtag?!: This page defines the hashtag, includes related links and aggregates tweets that contain the tag. It’s all part of a community-powered wiki of Twitter hashtags.

Transcript for #followwomenjournas: From the What the Hashtag page above, this transcript reveals the first tweet that used the #followwomenjournas hashtag.

Links to every user mentioned in #followwomenjournas tweets: I took the transcript above and used regular expressions to create a simple list of Twitter users who have appeared in tweets with the #followwomenjournas hashtag.

20 more of your favorite journalism tweets, she replied: I used to find tweets, from female journalists, that were frequently favorited.

Screencast as storytelling tool, #followwomenjournas video: Some stories take place online. This is my attempt to tell one web story by simply narrating a tour of web pages that make up a pseudo-narrative.