Roundup: Inevitable disruption, Twitter “revolution” and a new news cycle

Here are the most clicked-on links that I shared on Twitter during the week ending June 27. You can receive Weekly Almighty Links as an email or add it you can add it to your RSS reader or custom home page.

America’s Iranian Twitter Revolution: Maximilian Forte brings some global perspective to the “revolution” by pointing out the number of Iranians with internet access, number of people believed to be tweeting from Iran, percent of users generating Twitter content and Canadian adoption of Twitter.

Tips on news and social media from Rick Murray: The president of Edelman Digital says “there’s a new 24-hour news cycle and media companies must adapt.”

If You Are In The Path Of A Disruptive Technology You Are Toast – Goodbye Newspaper Companies: Tom Foremski tells newspapers that they couldn’t have done anything to stop the disruption of their business by internet technology. The only thing that can be done now is “a complete reinvention of your business”.

Four Twitter tools reveal links behind shortened URLs: My short list of tools that people can use to lengthen abbreviated web addresses in Twitter.