Roundup: Bigots, FDNY, housing portal and the “bloody wall”

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Sources going direct: FDNY and the Hudson River air collision: Vadim Lavrusik says the live video stream and “shoutbox” from New York City’s fire department played a role in reporting a mid-air collision, but did not replace journalists.

Google launches real estate search portal: A “real estate technology consulting” group touts Google’s use of map-based and natural language search in its new housing site.

Plea for shooting victim is marred by bigots: An employer started raising money to help a worker whose 4-year-old son was shot in gang crossfire. Experienced crime reporter Tracy Manzer shares her response to some of the “hateful” comments left on the child’s story. [Video from the original article is included at the bottom of this post.]

It’s Time to Build the Bloody Wall: An editorial from The Digital Journalist makes another argument for newspapers to start charging for their content on the web, or else risk losing the “news that we take for granted.”

Kevin Sablan’s Network’s journalism Bookmarks: Delicious can be used as more than just a personal bookmarking service. It supports networks. These are links that my network has tagged “journalism.”

The following links are from Almighty Link:

Cyxymu Twitter translated: Why was he targeted? I took the tweets from the professor who was supposedly the target of an attack that shut down Twitter and LiveJournal a couple weeks ago and had Google translate them.

Some of the most popular journalism tweets: I linked to the pages of 19 Twitter users who frequently tweet about journalism. Those pages showed tweets that were frequently added to Twitterers’ “favorites.”

19 of your favorite links from journalism Twitter users: It turns out there was a link in each of the most-favorited tweets from the users in the previous post. I gathered them together in this post that @NiemanLab called a “best-of album.”