Roundup: Assumptions, j-schools, hybrid learning and a curation system

Here are the most clicked-on links that I shared on Twitter during the week ending July 11. You can receive Weekly Almighty Links as an email or add it to your RSS reader or custom home page.

Fatal assumptions: Steve Yelvington takes a critical look at the “givens” upon which the American Press Institute’s “Newspaper Economic Action Plan” is based.

Best schools for journalism: Blogger Jeremy Porter compiled this admittedly non-scientific list based on the opinion of his Twitter followers.

How to Build a New-Media/Old-School Journalism Hybrid: Renay San Miguel takes a look at how new technologies have exposed flaws of traditional journalism, and then proposes a workshop that “combines new and old technologies, social media and on-the-ground reporting.”

The following popular links are from Almighty Link:

First rough sketch of storystreaming platform, Twitter first: My first attempt to describe one part of a platform that would include live streams of data as part of any given article, moving beyond the static narrative or even a wiki-style presentation.

8 Reasons journalists need a curation system: The role of journalist-as-curator isn’t supported by today’s content management systems, and here are a few curation challenges that a true “curation system” could help tackle.