I’ve accepted a position at the Register

Old shirt with OCRegister.com logo
I’ve dusted off an old Register shirt with a logo that once promoted the company’s digital presence.

Today, I start working at the Orange County Register again.

This might come as a surprise to some, since I revived this blog in July with a post about why I left newspapers, and followed that up with an explanation of why I stopped working for a newspaper company.

There are many reasons for my return, but this is the biggest one: they asked me to return. I’m not saying that all they had to do was ask. I’m saying that there has to be a reason that they reached out to me.

You see, many incredibly talented journalists left the company in June. Most of them are better “print journalists” than I’ll ever be. My forte has always been digital. To the best of my knowledge, the Register hasn’t reached out to any of my incredible colleagues. That the company is asking a digital specialist to return says to me that they are making a shift to bolster their presence online, and hopefully on mobile and social platforms.

I’m joining with a strange title of Newsroom Operations, and will be helping journalists to get their jobs done. I will be troubleshooting, filling one of the duties that a previous Register worker left vacant when he recently left the company.

Wait? So it sounds like I’m a newsroom IT guy, and the reason they reached out to me is because they needed a newsroom IT guy. It could be that simple, but I think there’s something more afoot. The Register is still full of talented individuals, some of whom could easily fill the shoes of the position described. The Register is experienced in shuffling newsroom staff to fill holes. They know how to make do and they have the people to do it.

They didn’t have to ask me to come back, they chose to reach out to me. This newspaper company just might be prepping for digital.

I’m going back to help amazing journalists. I can only imagine how rough things have been since the staff has had to pick up the slack left by my friends and I when we left almost five months ago. I’m going back to help my coworkers make the best use of their tools. I’m going back to help make their work easier. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know that I’m going back to bring a little levity and to help make some good people smile.

So, what do you think? Good move? Bad move? Leave a comment or talk with me on Twitter @ksablan.

10 thoughts on “I’ve accepted a position at the Register

  1. Kevin, I’m sure everyone in the OCR newsroom will be so incredibly happy to see you. You’re fantastic to work with. Best of luck!

  2. This is great news, Kevin. There’s nothing better than seeing a company adapt to the challenges except maybe being part of it! My fave part: “I’m going back to help make their work easier.” Congrats to you!

  3. They are lucky to have you and your cheerful disposition there … Help our friends there and have fun while it lasts!

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