I wanted to make these sites

I come up with crazy ideas all the time, and I occasionally snatch up domain names in case I have time to actually work on those ideas. Within the last few months, I’ve let these domains expire. Feel free to register them yourself and/or at least take the ideas and run with them.

  • agrg8.com would have been a Delicious-like bookmarking site for social sites. This came from my need to quickly find old tweets.
  • reacht.com would have estimated the reach of an individual tweet. It would have taken into account the number of your followers who were active around the time you sent a tweet, how many people they follow (assuming that the more they follow, the less likely they saw your tweet), the number of retweets and who and when those retweets happened.
  • rlbig.com would have been a gallery of “real big” pictures found on Flickr, Twitpic, and other social-photo sites. This was obviously inspired by Boston’s big picture blog.
  • toupons.com would have been Twitter coupons. Since there are about 15 gazillion ideas like this running around, I actually developed lots of details for this one. Still have most of that documentation, but curious about what Twitter’s official advertising solution will be.
  • tw8r.com would have scheduled tweets. I use Hootsuite, and occasionally SocialOomph to do this, but I hoped to address a few unmet needs. Those needs just aren’t important enough.
  • tweiv.com was a really bad name for a service that would act as a sieve for Twitter. Now, I have the somewhat related storystreamr.com.