How #editorchat inspired storystreaming

My first post about the idea of storystreaming was a response to Daniel Honigman’s post about the end of live-tweeting, but those ideas had been brewing in my head for some time. Some of those thoughts were inspired by a discussion during the June 17  #editorchat session. Since I’ve recently submitted the storystreaming idea to the Knight News Challenge, I thought these excerpts from that chat might be of interest. I’ve added some formatting to help scan the messages.

milehighfool: Last week’s touched a nerve. Tonight, from 8:30-10 pm EDT, we’re back talking about real-time publishing: 5:22 pm

WpgGirl: Is today’s real-time publishing what live, man-on-the-street reporting used to be? 7:54 pm

milehighfool: @WpgGirl I;m not sure, because everyone is an eyewitness. 7:55 pm

WpgGirl: @milehighfool Therefore, everyone is a reporter now. Scary prospect. 7:56 pm

milehighfool: Q1: The Iran elecitons crisis and Twitter’s involvement suggest to me that we are all “man on the street.” 7:56 pm

ksablan: @WpgGirl I wouldn’t say everyone is a reporter. Everyone can contribute to report. How do we make sure contribs are factual? 7:58 pm

LydiaBreakfast: @ksablan it is not the citizen’s responisbility to check, it is the writer/ed/pub to know where it is coming from and who 7:59 pm

milehighfool: Q1: If all citizens are reporters or budding authors, how do we define what’s trustworthy? 7:59 pm

WpgGirl: @ksablan Yes, who is responsible for checking citizen-supplied facts between the time news breaks and a reporter is at scene? 8:00 pm

milehighfool: @WpgGirl Isn’t that the editor’s job? Talk about a tough position to be in. 8:02 pm

ksablan: @milehighfool Tweets can be vetted and curated for final story, but I don’t think there is a way (in most cases) to do realtime 8:04 pm

WpgGirl: I think in most cases, the editor will send a reporter to validate the citizen, but in the meantime use the eyewitness report 8:04 pm

ksablan: Enough to share relevant (maybe even human-filtered) stream of tweets with explanation that facts can’t be immediately verified? 8:05 pm

ksablan: Would stream with disclaimer be irresponsible reporting? I don’t categorize it as reporting at all? But is it a bad practice? 8:06 pm

Mrs_Write: Twitter filled a void but people still turned to the major wire services/networks for confirmation of the tweets they read 8:06 pm

milehighfool: @ksablan Interesting question. Tweeting disclaimers could get dicey but I can envision it being necessary at some point. 8:07 pm

ksablan: @Mrs_Write Tweet confirmation is an important role – an old responsibility applied to new medium – for editors and reporters. 8:10 pm

shortformernie: In Iran right now, they’re inventing new forms of journalism, because they have to. But they still need editors. 8:12 pm

ksablan: @shortformernie Who are “they” in that statement? Do the inventors of new journalism need editors, or the consumers? 8:15 pm

shortformernie: @ksablan They both do. An editor’s job is to focus what the journalists are saying so that the consumer can find it. 8:16 pm

ksablan: @shortformernie Great answers. Never doubted the need, just asked for clarity. Editors needed more than ever w/Twitter. 8:18 pm

WpgGirl: @BeckyDMBR Yes, editors are needed; but are snap on-air producers, Twitter and other realtime reports doing away with us? 8:18 pm

ksablan: @WpgGirl Maybe the question is just a rephrase of Q1: How can we edit in a realtime platform? 8:20 pm

ksablan: Is it time to develop a “Real Time editor” Twitter app to facilitate the needs of realtime editing? 8:21 pm

WpgGirl: @ksablan A real time editor sounds exciting; but how would it work? Would the submission require @ sources before posting? 8:24 pm

ksablan: @WpgGirl Maybe more of a “listening” tool, than a”submission” tool. Both would be ideal. 8:26 pm

WpgGirl: @ksablan A tool that would search for a collective voice and a potential story lead, such as @milehighfool suggested? 8:28 pm

ksablan: @WpgGirl I can’t find that suggesting in tonight’s stream. Aside from leads, a tool to filter and connect tweets in realtime. 8:33 pm

The tweets here were found using the transcript feature from What the Hashtag?! You can view the complete #editorchat transcript for the June 17, 2009 session, where you’ll find links to the individual chat participants and each tweet.

By the way, editorchat is on hiatus but will be back in January.

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