Use friends’ favorites to find folks to follow on Twitter

Favorite starGo to a friend’s Twitter page and click on the “Favorites” link on the right. You’ll probably find either an empty list, tweets about your friend, or a bunch of great tweets by people you might not know — people you might want to follow.

If you’re interested in journalism, click on the names in this list to see each person’s list of favorite tweets:

And here are a couple of tools that can help you find more “favorited” tweets:

  • Favotter collects popular tweets, based on the number of people who saved the tweets as favorites. It also lets you enter a Twitter username to see who has “favorited” that user’s tweets. 
  • Favrd is similar to Favotter, but only tracks tweets that are fun, amusing, and often inappropriate for work. It includes a search box to find tweets containing particular words.

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