Think before you share a great blog post

Ben Parr created a nice guide to linking, entitled “Top 20 Ways to Share a Great Blog Post.” It is intended to help share any  great blog post, but I fear that journalists, bloggers and marketers might misuse his advice to share their own blog posts. Don’t! Here is why: 

Social media: Yes, share your posts on social platforms, but only  as part  of what you do on those sites. Blatant self-promotion is just as unappealing online as it is in real life. As Chris Brogan says, “I’m reaching out to shake your hand and you’re trying to put your tongue in my mouth.”

Via blog: Using a blog post to link to itself would just cause an infinite loop. You can create link-building campaigns, but leave that to the pros, or else you might inadvertently create a splog and wind up banned on some search engines.

Useful tools: Just because technology lets you share links across multiple platforms, doesn’t mean you should. Your professional connections on LinkedIn won’t benefit from knowing that you just listened to “Ice Ice Baby” on Share the right information with the appropriate group of friends.

Other ways to share: Don’t begin using the tools that Parr lists only so you can market your content. Your agenda will be obvious and your efforts will be blocked and/or moved to the spam folder.