Newspapers: 7 wishes from people on Twitter

Here are a seven comments from Twitter users talking about newspapers and mainstream media (MSM).

  • Stop weekends: “I think newspapers would do well to consider scrapping weekdays and focus.” – Dec. 30, 2008 from @JonnyStark in London, UK
  • Stop print edition: “i wish the newspapers would just stop printing on paper and save us all a lot of time and money” – Dec. 20, 2008 from @irinaslutsky in San Francisco, California
  • Target ads: “why don’t newspapers provide targeted advertising based on the content of the article?” – Jan. 28, 2008 from @fragekage
  • Improve search: “Why don’t newspapers have decent search!” – Nov. 16 from @identitywoman in Oakland, California
  • Real names: “At a minimum, wish newspapers would force everyone to put their real name on comments.” – Dec. 16, 2008 from@cklemke in New York, New York
  • Focus on journalism: “Don’t we all wish MSM would provide solid, reliable, investigative journalism…not entertain, slant, or provide unbalanced covrg?” – Nov. 22, 2008 from @MargHamp in Florida
  • Link, link, link: “I just wish mainstream media would hyperlink to sources so I could verify their stories for myself.” – Dec. 11, 2008 from @indymike in Indianapolis, Indiana; ” I wish MSM would use links online.” – Jan. 27, 2008 from @Josh_Smith in Findlay, Ohio; “I wish newspapers would stop sucking at linking.” – Dec. 30, 2008 from @sheagunther in Portland, Maine

I tried to pull only comments from people not who aren’t in the industry. What do you think? Should newspapers take advice from microbloggers? Would their advice help news organizations succeed online? Do you have anymore tips? Leave comments below or send me some 140-character comments at @ksablan.

If you work for an established news organization and think tweeters are talking about you behind your back, you’re facing the wrong direction. Visit this Twitter Search to see what people are saying right now about newspapers and journalism, and read how you can use Twitter like a police scanner to monitor your beat.

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