My6Sense and Instapaper: Great for gathering news links

My6Sense is a mobile app that reads your sources (RSS feeds and social streams) and ranks items based on your actions. The theory is that the more you use the app, the more it learns about your interests, and the better it gets at surfacing the “stuff you want.”

One challenge for me is that I do work on both my phone and computer, and My6Sense doesn’t have a desktop or web app. Thankfully, they recently added the ability to link to an Instapaper account.

This is great for mobile newsgatherers and reporters. Let My6Sense find important items, and then “save” those items that you plan to review, link to or just read on your computer.

I downloaded the app, and modified its settings to link it to my Instapaper account, and it is now this easy for me to save links from my phone to use on any computer …

Here is my stream of content on the My6Sense Android app.

I clicked on the News Leadership 3.0 item.

Then I pressed the menu button.

Pressing the “save” button stored the item for later reading and sent it to my Instapaper account.

When I went to, that item was right there at the top of my list.

If you have an Android phone, you can use this QR code to download My6Sense from the Market.

My6Sense QR Code

6 thoughts on “My6Sense and Instapaper: Great for gathering news links

  1. I just discovered Instapaper through a neat Extension for Chrome called ParrotFish. I love how it works with New Twitter. However I don't have a smart phone so as you mentioned I can't access My6Sense. If I ever spring for one now I know how to make use of this. Thanks!

    • I wasn't aware of Parrotfish. Thanks for mentioning it. Apparently, it was developed by, the same technology used by many of the media-gathering services out there like Storify and's "bundles."

      Thank you, Ileane, and thank you for making Parrotfish available on Chrome *and* Safari!

      • Yes, I use the plugin for WordPress and it works like a charm for embedding tweets, videos, music clips and a host of other services. Let me know if you need links to the provider list and some tutorials I've done.

  2. My6Sense can easily get addictive! I'd like to see also Evernote supported next to Instapaper, since I already use it on Android while Instapaper supports only iPhone.

    • I'm an Evernote user too. My6Sense can kinda be shared with many other services on your Android device. When viewing an item, click on your phone's menu button and then the "Share" button. If you have it installed, you should see Evernote as an option. I would like a more elegant integration than that, though.

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