More tools to lengthen tiny URLs

To accompany Sunday’s look at Twitter tools that unmask shortened URLs, here are some utilities that reveal the true destination of shortened URLs outside of Twitter.

I’ve shortened five URLs, including one YouTube link, with the five URL shorteners that were used the most in tweets within last 24 hours.

And here are screenshots of how six tools expanded the links

LongURL Mobile Exander

This Firefox plugin displays a long URL after holding your mouse over a shortened address for a few seconds.

LongURL Mobile Exander


The other tools I tried all require you to visit their site and paste a short URL into a form. Each tool returned exactly what I expected: the lengthened URL.

TheRealURL expansion preview


PrevURL preview


Untiny preview

ExpandMyURL preview

url snoop

url snoop preview


This service provided the title of the destination page, a screenshot, and meta information — much more detail than the other tools: preview

Here are some tools that I did not try out:

  • Long URL Please unfortunately did not work with my post, although I’ve used it successfully for other pages.
  • TinyURL Decoder is a Greasemonkey script, which is a bit more techie than I want to get here.
  • is an experimental Firefox plugin.

If you want to have fun, try out the aptly named hugeURL and

To explore more URL lengtheners, bookmark my growing Delicious collection.