Journalism links, Google and SEO edition

While Peter Osnos’ argues that Google should pay newspapers, and Mark Potts calls that idea sheer idiocy, I’ve decided to tap my Delicious network of experts to help journalists leverage the power of search engines.

Web life of an article

Why should you care? The Web Life of an Article graphically explains how a “well-written and well-optimized piece of content” reaches its audience.

How does one optimize content? Monica Wright offers 10 simple tips  to help newsrooms “conquer” search engine optimization.

What does Google say? The web search leader debunks some myths and confirms some facts about how Google News works.

What about video? David Rich shows how to make a video “Google-friendly.” It’s the fourth bullet in his post about making online videos that work.

Who’s searching who? Mark Jackson explains some more advanced link research techniques that the help improve off-site SEO,  links from other sites pointing to yours.

Do you employ other SEO techniques to help your content’s rank on Google. What other blog posts or articles have helped you understand SEO in the world of journalism. Please leave any helpful tips and links in the comments below.

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