Find journalism links to share on Twitter

How do you find links to share with your followers on Twitter?

If your followers are interested in journalism, here is one easy way.

Make sure you’re signed on at and then search for journalism-related links.

Twitter search for journalism

Twitter saved searchNow hit the “save this search” link and you’ll be able to access that search from any computer. You can find it under the “Saved Search” label on the right side of the page.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to retweet links that your friends might find interesting. I like the old cut-and-paste method:

  1. Select and copy the the tweet that you want to share (make sure to include the @username)
  2. Place your cursor in the tweet box
  3. Type in “RT @” and paste in the text that you copied earlier
  4. Hit the “update” button to retweet the link.

Of course this is just one way to find sharable content that can be shared on Twitter. How do you find valuable links? RSS feeds? Email? What else?

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