3 ways to follow Twitter journalists without tweeting

If you’re a journalist who has not started using Twitter and can’t see what all the hype is about, here are a couple links that will let you see what other journalists are doing in the Twittersphere.

1. Simple search: First, try this simple Twitter Search for the word “journalism”. Keep the page open while you go about your work. Revisit it every few minutes to see new journalism tweets.

2. Triple search: If the pace of that Twitter search is a bit too slow, try this 3-column journalism TweetGrid. It searches for a total of 10 journalism-related terms. The rightmost column tracks #journchat, which is “an ongoing conversation between journalists, bloggers and PR folks.”

Tweetgrid for journalism

3. Tweeting journalists: Mark S. Luckie compiled a list of “10 Journalists you should follow on Twitter“. That list has grown to nearly 40 tweeting journos. [Full disclosure: I’m on the list.] I’ve created a Friendfeed room to show the tweets from the people on that list. Here are what the room looks like right now:


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