Video URLs, Dipity make it easy to create CNN tech timeline

If you bookmark videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo, you can turn those links into a timeline by simply pasting them into Dipity.

Mark S. Luckie compiled 9 landmark moments in CNN technology. In true 10,000 Words fashion, almost every moment included a video. With my last blog post still fresh in my mind, I immediately wondered how the CNN moments might work as a timeline.

Dipity Edit Event screenDipity made the process easy. I created a new timeline and added a new event for each of the CNN landmarks.

As I created each item, I pasted the address of the corresponding video into the clearly-marked “Video URL” field. I completed each entry by copying and pasting the summaries from Luckie’s original post.

For the few items that didn’t have videos, I simply added the URL of the corresponding images in the post.

Here, with permission from Luckie, is the final product. A visual timeline created by pasting in 9 almighty links: