The 41 most influential newspapers on Twitter and Facebook

I ran a handful of newspaper Twitter accounts through Klout this morning to measure their social media influence. Klout uses “35 variables on Facebook and Twitter” to create a score that it describes as a measurement of “overall online influence.”

After Dylan Stableford (@stableford) published a list of top 25 newspapers on Twitter,  based on print circulation, Mathilde Piard  (@mathildepiard) followed with her own list of top newspapers on Twitter that “goes by number of followers on Twitter, not circulation.” I used the accounts from those posts to create the list below. Make sure to read those posts to learn about the selection process.

Here are the numbers. Click on a Twitter username to visit the account. Click on a Klout score for details about that measurement. Oh, and feel free to see the data in this Google Doc.


The Romper Room Twitter engagement tactic

I recently started sending daily “good morning” tweets that include the names of a few people I follow. Believe it or not, there’s a method to this madness.

I used to just send out a general morning salutation to no one in particular every morning. It was occasionally met with a reply.

But the Android Twitter client Twicca makes it really easy to mention multiple friends in one tweet, so one morning I decided to look at my main stream and see who was actually awake and tweeting, and I added a handful of them in my morning status update.

If I was a marketing professional, I might say that I am “targeting a social invitation to a currently active audience to increase the likelihood of eliciting a response with the goal of building engagement.”

I’m sure my childhood memories of Romper Room kicked in to inspire this idea. Watch Romper Room’s late “Miss Barbara” Plummer explain why she thinks the magic mirror was so special to the children who watched the show.

For those of you too young to have witnessed that magic mirror for yourself, here is what you missed.

Embedly Powered

The urinal wall that brought a reader into a newsroom #peesells

The Orange County Register welcomed Anna Bourland into its newsroom this week to manage the @OCReggie Twitter account for about an hour. Here is how the idea was born on Twitter.

Twitter / ocregister: With 5 outdoor TVs, a urinal …

Twitter / ksablan: What? Did @OCReggie just use …

Twitter / abourland: @ksablan They do did and I …

Twitter / ksablan: @abourland 500 points to you …

Twitter / abourland: @ksablan Oh… should I just …

Twitter / ksablan: @abourland We have free water …

Twitter / abourland: @ksablan awww, I was hoping …

At this point, I turned to Sonya Quick (@sonyanews) who leads the social and mobile efforts of the Register’s newsroom, and asked if she would be alright with actually bringing Bourland in to handle the @OCReggie account. Sonya loved the idea, and we headed over to Roxanne Hack (@roxannima) who was managing the Reggie account at the time and she delivered the good news.

Twitter / ocregister: @abourland you're hired! come …

Here is the wonderful Anna Bourland (@abourland) after her visit with the Register. Thank you Anna!

What should publishers do about embedded content?

Twitter preview of blog post

Embedly is an incredible technology that converts links into embedded content. The screenshot above shows how Embedly’s Parrotfish plugin (for Safari, Chrome and Firefox) works with to convert a shortened URL into an actual excerpt from the content on that page.

Storify and other so-called curation tools (see my What is curation storify) use Embedly, so I’m very excited about this and any other embedding technology, but I wonder how publishers who rely on on-site display advertising feel about tools that basically allow people to view some or all of their content without actually visiting their site.

What should publishers do about embedded content? Here are some crazy ideas.

  • Accept that people get content in new ways that don’t involve visits to your site.
  • Thank Embedly for building attribution, with links, into its API.
  • Understand how to leverage embedded content to build your brand(s).
  • Embed advertisements directly into your content.
  • Figure out other ways to generate revenue.