Tweetree lets you preview Twitter links, and turns one link into many

Ever click on a link in a tweet only to find yourself on a page that’s not quite what was described by the twitterer? A handy feature of Tweetree, a new alternate web interface for Twitter users, helps avoid those situations by revealing the destination of shortened URLS.

The “working release” of Tweetree went live on Dec. 22 and has already been written up on  Mashable in a post that praises the site’s ability to see media content “as it was meant to be seen.”

I’ll leave the review to Mashable and social media blogs. I just want to focus on what Tweetree does for Twitter links.

Take a look at how this post is immediately followed by the title (in this case, a headline) of the page that the tinyurl points to.


A Yahoo domain, noted to the right of the headline, let’s you know the source of the article as well. 

The blue headline is linked to an article on Yahoo that matches headline. You get exactly what you expect. Brilliant!

But it gets much better.

Take a look at how Tweetree turns one cryptic link into five much more useful links.


  1. The “Firefox picks up 2 out of 3 users IE loses – FriendFeed” in the greyed out box links to the friendfeed post.
  2. The friendfeed logo links to the friendfeed home page.
  3. The Digg icon links to the mejonathan Digg page.
  4. The “Firefox picks up 2 out of 3 users IE loses” in the friendfeed box links to the TG Daily article. At this point, Tweetree didn’t let reveal the articlee  headline, “How serious is the market share loss of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer?,” before I clicked. 
  5. The word “comment” links to the friendfeed post, along with a box for you to enter a comment (if you’re logged into friendfeed, of course).

I’ve already ditched my AIR apps for iTweet. Now, if only Twetree could add some of the functionality from iTweet, or vice-versa, I think I might finally start using just one app for all my tweeting.

How I found this: Working as @OCReggie, I saw a tweet by Jesse Newhart (@JesseNewhart) linking to a Mashable article by Jenn Van Grove (@jbruin) about Tweetree.


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