How to: Use social bookmarking for Twitter

Last night, a Mashable post described a “simple bookmarklet that posts URLs to Twitter (in a shortened form, of course) and then saves that tweet as an easy to find bookmark in your browser.”

The tool looks pretty slick, but I’m always hesitant to adopt new tools if my old ones can get the job done with little or no extra effort.

This post explains how “twiterrers” can use Delicious to share bookmarks on Twitter. If you aren’t already using Delicious, I strongly suggest giving it a go, especially if your browser’s built-in bookmarking tools don’t make it easy to manage your evergrowing list of favorites. If you use Firefox, try the Delicious plugin. It imports your existing bookmarks and integrates with the browser, so you don’t have to change your workflow. The Delicious bookmarklet should work fine for non-Firefoxers. I use the ShareThis bookmarklet to take care of all my link-sharing tasks in Chrome.

Once you’re all set up, go to the Delicious site and click on the bookmarks “tab.” That will bring you to a list of your most recent bookmarks (here is mine).

Near the bottom of that page, you’ll see a link for your list’s RSS feed. Right-click on that link, and copy the address.

Now head on over to twitterfeed and set up an account.

Once you’re logged in, go to “my feeds” and “create a new twitter feed.” For the “RSS feed URL,” paste in the URL that you copied from the bottom of your Delicious bookmarks page. Tweak the other settings to suit your preferences and then hit the “create” button.

Now, when you add a bookmark in Delicious, it’ll post to your Twitter account as well. Here is what my test looked like:

Note that Twitterfeed can check your bookmarks only as frequently as once every 30 minutes, so there is some delay.

Linked to from this post:

Delicious + RSS = collaborative link journalism

Delicious can be used to provide a dynamically-updated feed of relevant news vetted by a trusted network of journalists.

Josh Korr recently wrote about starting a group on Publish2, where journalists could share links to news items about the current financial crisis. Commenters from FT AlphavilleSeeking Alpha, and DNC Bloggers used various technologies to accomplish similar results.

A Delicious-powered model would require very little technical resource.

The “social bookmarking” service makes it easy to create a personal network of trusted aggregators. Bookmarks from that network can easily be filtered to show only pages tagged with a particular phrase, like … “linking.”

Take a look at my network’s list of sites tagged “linking”. The results are also automatically available — as are most Delicious pages — as an RSS feed.

Plug the feed into your site for your readers get a constantly-updated list of news from different sources, vetted by experienced journalists, or other trusted experts.

My ad-hock network made this list
My ad-hock network made this list