‘If you like’ #followfriday

Twitter’s #followfriday is a great way to recommend users that your friends should follow. The idea is that your friends trust you to only link to people who tweet about things they care about.

But your followers are probably a fairly diverse crowd. People who share your professional interests probably follow you. Some people who are into some of your hobbies might follow you. And some of your friends “in real life” probably follow your tweets.

How could you possibly recommend someone one person who would appeal to each of those diverse crowds?

So I propose that we qualify each #followfriday tweet by telling people why they should follow that person. For example: 

If you like one-liners, #followfriday @forces2.

If you want to learn more about #followfriday:

As always, please share your #followfriday tips in the comments below. Don’t forget to share links.

Journalism links, #followfriday edition

I did a quick Twitter Search for #followfriday and journalism and here are the Twitter users that popped up, along with their Twitter bios (users without bios are not listed).

@10000words – Multimedia journalism and online tools blog authored by Mark S. Luckie

@acarvin – vlogger, blogger, npr social media guy; man about town

@agahran – Media consultant, info-provocateur, journalist, semi-geek

@bakercom1 – Pam Baker is a prolific and popular freelance journalist and author. Her work appears in leading print and online publications around the globe

@collazoprojects – raveler, writer, editor, translator, foodie, researcher. Always interested in the overlooked, untold stories.

@Digidave – Personal blog: http://www.digidave.org – Journalist turned entrepreneur. Currently running spot.us a nonprofit to support indy journalists

@frontlineblog – The Frontline Blogger writes about the Frontline Club and the world of foreign correspondents, war reporters, life on the frontline and the job of journalism.

@jayrosen_nyu – I teach journalism at NYU, write the blog PressThink, direct NewAssignment.Net, and try to grok new media. I don’t do lifecasting but mindcasting on Twitter.

@jdlasica – Blogger since 2001. Socialmedia.biz was named the #1 site covering the social Web. Strategist, author, journalist, entrepreneur, travel addict.

@MacDivaONA – Journalist, blogger, connector.

@paulbradshaw – logger, journalist, senior lecturer in online journalism and web design at Birmingham City University, social media bloke, media consultant, dad

@rachelsklar – Media addict on the loose.

@shirleybrady – BusinessWeek.com community editor; Scots-born Canuck in NYC (via HK); mom; muse; dog-walker; media geek

@suzanneyada – Former copy editor, studying journalism and business at San Jose State University. Also an intern at Public-Press.org.

@timwindsor – Digital strategist at Johns Hopkins University. Former online media mogul. Apple Fanboy. Baltimorean. Honda Element driver. Coffee fiend.