Journalism links and the blogging linkers

I love Mediagazer, and find my own The J Daily interesting, there are quite a few blogs that provide regular posts that round up news about news and journalism. Here are some for you to check out and add to your RSS reader.

Journalism, defined by my Delicious network

My little network of linking friends on Delicous is an incredible resource, and I often to turn to items that they’ve tagged with the word journalism. Here is a quick roundup of items from that list this morning.

  • Journalism is programming. In Chapter 5: Getting Text Out of an Image-Only PDF on ProPublica, Dan Nguyen (@dancow) teaches “how to write a program to extract the data into tabular format.”
  • Journalism is attitude. In Journalism’s problem isn’t the Internet or advertising; it’s attitude on The Online Journalism Review, Robert Niles (@robertniles) opines  “Too many people in our industry, from publishers to cub reporters, are wallowing in a culture of failure, bringing a fatalistic attitude to their jobs, one that has been and will continue to become self-fulfilling.”
  • Journalism is employed. In What happens to print journalists after they lose their jobs? on, Roy Greenslade (@greenslader) summarizes the results of a survey of former Seattle Post-Intelligencer staff. The first bullet point: “Half have new full-time jobs, and just over 50% are working as journalists. The rest are in corporate or non-profit communications, business etc.”
  • Journalism is social business. In A New Local Business Model for Twitter on Social Media Today, Patrick Kitano (@pkitano) says “Twitter can now build a national network of hyperlocal websites without the HR expense of hiring editors” and then “leverage their local media presence to deliver Deals and coupon based advertising.”
  • Journalism is visual. In 10 Awesome Free Tools To Make Infographics on, Angela Alcorn (@smange) claims that “infographics are far more likely to be shared than your average blog post” and goes on to list some tools to help create those visuals.

12 Tips for journalists to write effective headlines

Last week, we took a look at building and tapping a Delicious network to find useful links. I started this week by looking at my Delicious network and found a slew of recent links about search engine optimization and headline writing tucked away in Jack Lail’s bookmarks (read about Jack Lail).

I’ve gone through Lail’s saved pages, found the ones that contain solid tips for writing headlines, and listed those links below. First, here is a presentation that Lail saved.

  1. How to Write Headlines That Work (Copyblogger)
  2. Passive Voice Is Redeemed For Web Headings (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)
  3. SEO For Journalists: Headlines & Body Copy (Part 2 of 5) (YOUmoz)
  4. A journalist’s guide to SEO (Econsultancy)
  5. Headline writing for online audiences (and search engines) (Teaching Online Journalism)
  6. 9 Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization (MediaShift)
  7. Newspapers: Headline writing, use search engine optimization (Editors Weblog)
  8. How to Get Half a Million People to Visit Your Blog (
  9. How To Write Great SEO Headlines – Put Yourself In Their Shoes (
  10. Newspaper SEO tips: Effective headlines (
  11. Headline writing: How to write web headlines that catch search engine spiders (New Media Bytes)

What about this post?

I realize that this blog post doesn’t contain 12 tips. Instead, it links to one presentation and 11 other articles and blog posts that contain helpful suggestions. So, my SEO-savvy friends, what would be a better title for this post? Please leave your suggestions as a comment.

Delicious videos: Introduction and marketing

To wrap up a week of posts about the Delicious social bookmarking service, I just want to point you to the good work of Common Craft. A few years ago, they produced a “Social Bookmarking in Plain English” video. It works as a great introduction to the service. Make sure to share that link with anyone who asks you to explain Delicious. Better yet, if you have a budget, you can purchase the video for your personal use or to include on your site.

Here is a very different kind of Delicious video. It’s from Relativity Business Technology Solutions and talks about how Delicious can be used for marketing.


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