100 popular words from #collegejourn and #editorchat

Every Wednesday night, a group of  “professional writers and editors who use the micro-blogging service Twitter ” use the #editorchat hashtag to gather and “discuss how best to help one another.” (Thank you @LydiaBreakfast and @milehighfool.) Here, courtesy of Wordle, are the 50 non-common words that they used most frequently when they met on February 11.

Editorchat wordle

Every Sunday, “a weekly chat about college journalism” takes place in Meebo Rooms. (Thank you @suzanneyada.) It started on Twitter, where participants used the #collegejourn hashtag to talk to each other.  Here are the 50 most frequently used non-common words that were mentioned during their February 15 conversation.

Collegejourn wordle

I would be remiss to not mention @PRsarahevans‘ Monday night #journchat where “journalists,  bloggers and PR folks” converse. Unfortunately, their conversations contain thousands of tweets, more than I can crunch for this quick post.

To find out how to participate in Twitter chats, or to start a group, take a look at these posts:

Do you have any other tips or tools for Twitter chats? Don’t keep them to yourself, share in the comments below.

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