Twitterers talk to Tribune’s Colonel and Times’ Stelter

I’ve finally got around to another post based on the good work by Erica Smith’s monthly list of newspapers that use Twitter.

One “link” I like to follow is the connection between news organizations and the communities they serve. And one tool being used to make that link is Twitter.

One half of that connection is made when a news company sends tweets to its followers. The other half is made when users send tweets to  news organizations. Let’s take a look at that second part.

I’ve taken Smith’s list of the 10 newspaper Twitter accounts with the most followers, and counted the number of tweets sent to each account during Election Week.

For some perspective, I’ve added in Twitterholic’s list of 10 most-followed Twitterers. The chart below shows the number of tweets sent to each account during that week in November. Blue bars are for accounts listed by Twitterholic. Red bars show newspaper accounts listed by Erica Smith.

The only two news organizations to make the top 10 in the combined list were Chicago Tribune’s @coloneltribune and @brianstelter, the TV Decoder and media reporter for The New York Times . Interestingly, Stelter had the lowest number of followers of all accounts listed, but more people sent Twitter messages to him than even Michael Arrington and John C. Dvorak.

Person/organizaton Twitter account # of tweets
Kevin Rose @kevinrose 500+
Leo Laporte @leolaporte 500+
Jason Calacanis @JasonCalacanis 500+
Robert Scoble @Scobleizer 500+
Rick Sanchez (CNN) @ricksanchezcnn 500+
Veronica Belmont (Revision3) @Veronica 438
Chicago Tribune @coloneltribune 385
Alex Albrecht @alexalbrecht 367
Brian Stelter (NYT) @brianstelter 166
Dwight Silverman (Houston Chronicle) @dsilverman 129
Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) @TechCrunch 117
Austin American-Statesman @statesman 103
CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk 100
Washington Post @thefix 86
John C. Dvorak @THErealDVORAK 53
New York Times @nytimes 38
USA Today @popcandy 25
Wall Street Journal @wsj 10
New York Times @nytimesbusiness 3
New York Times @nytimesstyle 1

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