Socialites bookmarked mainstream over blogs on #inaug09

On Inauguration Day, social bookmarkers saved more inauguration pages from mainstream media than from blogs.

Here is a breakdown of the pages tagged “inaug09” by users on January 20, 2009.

Mainstream media links

  1. Inauguration Moments and Links
  2. Text of Rev. Rick Warren’s inaugural invocation
  3. At civic center – Reader Photos of Obama’s Inauguration – Interactive Feature –
  4. Obama Car – reader Photos of Obama’s Inauguration – Interactive Feature –
  5. 2nd iPhone I took in Reader Photos of Obama’s Inauguration – Interactive Feature –
  6. Obama Renovates – Bits Blog –
  7. Barack Obama’s inauguration speech … crafted by 27-year-old in Starbucks | World news | The Guardian
  8. – Special Reports – The 44th President – The Moment
  9. – Special Reports – The 44th President
  10. Obama: Challenges real, but ‘they will be met’ –
  11. Video – Breaking News Videos from
  12. Barack Obama’s inauguration on Twitter – Telegraph
  13. Text of President Barack Obama’s inaugural address – Yahoo! News
  14. Full text: Obama inauguration speech
  15. Powering Up : Text of the Obama Inauguration Speech
  16. – Toronto’s News: Full Video, Text Of Obama’s Inauguration Speech
  17. Obama’s cabinet
  18. Inauguration Stage

Blog links

  1. Anam Cara: Reflections upon an Historic Moment…
  2. Create Your Communications Experience: The Inauguration Speech – Pro and, yes, Con
  3. CNN & Facebook Change the Game
  4. Sasha Obama Congratulating Dad Barack Obama | The Frisky
  5. Welcome to 44 — President Barack Obama… and a new White House blog! ”
  6. Mindblowing Numbers From the Obama Inauguration
  7. Digital Influence Mapping Project: A Social Media Inauguration
  8. ICT 2 DC (Wichita to D.C.) – Group from Kansas using social media for real-time coverage of Inauguration.
  9. Bishop Gene Robinson’s Elegant Prayer for Obama
  10. EOP – Blog Post – Change has come to
  11. The Takeaway: Inauguration Day 2009 Live Blog [blog by national radio program]

Social links (other than blogs)

  1. YouTube – Inauguration Aretha Franklin Inauguration Musical 2009
  2. YouTube – Chaîne de inauguration
  3. Scobleizer in the Current News Room on Inauguration Day
  4. tag cloud of obama’s speech on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
  5. Flickr : Le pool Inauguration 2009
  6. Flickr: Galerie de Presidential Inaugural Committee
  7. #inaug09 – Twitter Search
  8. Tweet Grid – Inauguration 2009!
  9. Twitter / obamainaugural
  10. TwitPwr
  11. One man’s take on the new on TwitPic

Other links

  1. Technology News: Social Networking: Avatars in Tuxes: Second Life Hosts Inaugural Ball
  2. Wordle – Obama Inauguration Speech
  3. FIRST LOOK: New View Of The Inauguration
  4. The Obama-Biden Transition Team

The only edits made to the lists above were:

  • Exclusion of duplicate links (including links to comments within a blog post that was already bookmarked)
  • Additional note about a blog by written by a national radio program
  • Changed description and link to Tim O’Reilly’s blog in general, which is not all about the inaguration, to his “Inauguration Moments and Links” blog post

Of course, Delicious isn’t the only social bookmarking tool around. Take a look at Wikipedia’s list for others. I focused on Delicious, and the “inaug09” site simply to keep the list manageable.

Also, if you consider the blog to be a social medium, there were four more social media links saved than mainstream media.

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