Male journalists followed 3 times more than females

Muck Rack tracks major news organizations on Twitter. Currently, they list journalists from 37 organizations. I recently examined the 3 most followed journalists from each organizations and found 27 of the 111 journalists are women, compared to 84 men.

All one: In two organizations, the three most popular Twitter users were all female. In 17 organizations, they were all male.

Anchor: Six of the most followed tweeting journalists have the word “anchor” or “host” in their job title.

Top 10: Two of the ten most followed on the list are female. Keep in mind this is only looking at the top three from each news organization.

Of course, the information can be sliced and diced to find many more interesting details, so take a look at the data and please share your findings in the comments below.

Update (8/21/09): This post has apparently served as the catalyst for the #folllowwomenjournas hashtag being used in tweets that include endorsements of specific women journalists.