Journalists retweeted more than top newspaper sites

Patrick LaForgeLast week, we saw that The Wall Street Journal’s main Twitter account was retweeted more “per capita” than the other four top newspaper web sites in the U.S.

This week, I’ve compiled a list of 13 journalists, many of whom work for those newspaper sites, who were retweeted up to 5 times more than @WSJ. The number next to each journalist is his or her “retweets per thousand followers” (RTPMF).

  1. Patrick Laforge, The New York Times: 34.86
  2. Barbara Delollis, USA Today: 27.33
  3. Chris Gray Faust, USA Today: 26.64
  4. Linda Thomas, freelance journalist: 25.85
  5. Veronica Stoddart, USA Today: 20.30
  6. Greg Linch, Miami Hurricane: 19.74
  7. Peter Kafka, Wall Street Journal: 19.54
  8. Laura Bly, USA Today: 18.03
  9. Howard Weaver, Formerly The McClatchy Company: 14.27
  10. Del Jones, USA Today: 12.76
  11. Jay Rosen, NYU: 11.82
  12. John A. Byrne, 10.79
  13. Ryan Sholin, Publish2: 10.35 

RTPMF was calculated by  dividing a user’s retweets in the last 7 days (April 21-27) by her current amount of followers. Retweets and number of followers came from Retweetist, which used the same methodology to calculate the numbers included in last week’s list.

Unfortunately, Retweetist now seems to be using a different formula to derive its RTPMF, which explains why the spreadsheet-calculated numbers above link to conflicting numbers.

Yes, Retweetist sometimes includes Twitter messages that aren’t really retweets. And it sometimes misses legitimate retweets altogether. The tool isn’t perfect, but it does much more than just calculate RTPMFs, and really is worth checking out.

More about RTPMF: