CNN makes top #inaug09 links on Digg and Twitter

A quick look at links mentioned during Inauguration Day shows that CNN was the only site that was shared frequently by both Diggers and Twitterers.

Right before midnight, I looked at the most popular links for the past 24 hours on Digg and extracted the top five links related to the inauguration. Then I did the same for Twitturly and Twitturls, two sites that track links mentioned on Twitter. Here are the results.

Digg (top in 24 hours)

  1. Barack Obama Officialy Becomes 44th American President, CNN (21,870 diggs)
  2. – before and after, Flickr (4,708 diggs)
  3. Presidential Gatling Gun-Equipped Suburban, Jalopnik (2,863 diggs)
  4. What Did You Think? Text Of Barack Obama’s Speech, Chicago Tribune (2,619 diggs)
  5. CNN: Roberts ‘screwed up’ oath of office, The Raw Story (2,547)

Twitturly (last 24 hours)

  1. Live – Facebook (204 active tweets)
  2. Barack Obama Inauguration Day, Ustream.TV (108 active tweets)
  3. Inaugural preparations, (90 active tweets)
  4. Presidential Gatling Gun-Equipped Suburban, Jalopnik (63 active tweets)
  5. Change has come to, EOP (52 active tweets)

Twitturls “today

  1. Welcome to the White House,
  2. The 44th President – The Moment and Satellite image of crowds on the Mall,
  3. The country’s new robots.txt file,
  4. Word Cloud Analysis of Obama’s Inaugural Speech Compared to … , ReadWriteWeb
  5. Change has come to, EOP

For more about the popularity of inauguration links, make sure to see my list of popular inauguration pages bookmarked on Delicious on the day of the event.