Use me to play with Facebook social plugins

Based on Facebook’s big announcements at yesterday’s F8 conference, I’ve decided to add a few of Facebook’s social plugins to Almighty Link. In particular, you can now “recommend” any post using the button at the bottom of the post, and you can see the “activity feed” of your Facebook friends who may have liked other items on Almighty Link.

In my opinion, this is a good example of an independent blogger with very limited development resource and very little time just hacking together a rudimentary implementation.

So poke around and see if this thing works for you. Tell your friends to come and recommend some posts. See how that shows up on posts and in the activity stream. Let me know if this is a good or bad idea.

Oh, I have to thank Andreas Jacob (@Cordobo) for a timely post that showed how to add Facebook’s “like” button into WordPress posts.

One thought on “Use me to play with Facebook social plugins

  1. Interesting…it preserves the "recommended" language on Facebook (as in "Paul Balcerak recommended Use Me to…" instead of switching it to "Liked").

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