Twitterers link to Twitter Backlash more than bloggers, commenters

The first comment in a CNET article yesterday, was a request for a Twitter backlash. The call was answered twelve minutes later when “septa44replied with a single URL that pointed to Twitter Backlash, a blog “where sanity prevails.”

The blog is written by New York web developer Adam Coti and is not the backlash of celebrities concerned with stalking or imposters. No, Coti covers how Twitter is increasingly abused as it gains popularity and “early adopters give way to the technology laggards.”

I immediately ran to my link-research tools to find other sites who link to the blog. Google found six links from various web sites. Technorati also found six links, from blogs. BackType pulled up 35 links from comments on other sites.

Ironically, BackTweets, which finds links from Twitter, found more links than Google, Technorati or BackType. A total of 45 tweets linked to the Twitter Backlash blog.

Many of the tweets linked directly to the main page of the blog. Others were retweets. Here is the short list of unique links. You might consider it a “best of” powered by Twitter users.

  1. johnloy
    johnloy I’m being so ironic by tweeting this
  2. Xavier Lair
    madamapassion Twitter ou Jennifer quel est votre choix ?
  3. csinclair
    csinclair thinking there’s profound implications to dwell on regarding lack of compassion in a ‘quick-scan’ culture:
  4. Mauricio Rubio
  5. Kevin Novak
    misterkevin Tweeting While Driving May Become Safer with OnStar Support
  6. Kevin Novak
    misterkevin Twitter often comes under fire as a platform for self-absorbed diary blogs. Partially true, it’s so much more than that.
  7. Kate
    drkt @cliffjohnson interesting article about twitter in churches. didn’t know if you’d seen it…

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