Twitter used more than Facebook to link to popular post

A Mashable post reports that Facebook is used more than email and Twitter for sharing content. But a quick glance at how that post is being shared on FriendFeed reveals a different story. Twitter is the most popular service within a very diverse variety of social media sites — at least as I write this post.

Here are the real-time search that could very well disprove the headline of this post at any time.

Of course the problem with my data is that it only includes links shared by people who use FriendFeed. Luckily,FriendFeed aggregates links shared by its users via Twitter, Delicious and various other social media services.

The Mashable post is based on information from people who use the AddToAny widget to share links. But that widget is far from ubiquitous, so the numbers exclude links shared on many sites, including the 5 most authoritative blogs in the world: Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Engadget, Boing Boing and, well, Mashable.

Regarding Twitter, the AddToAny widget works by sending people to So links shared by Twitter users via other Twittre clients are not counted. According to Twitstat, the Twitter web site is used by less than 25% of Twitterers. If we use horrifically bad math and just multiply Twitter’s reported 10.8% share by 4 to make up for the misrepresentation, that would boost its share to over 40%.

I don’t see anything wrong with reporting information from one source, as long as that point is made clear, as it was in the Mashable post. The concern I have is the verbatim tweeting and retweeting of a misleading headline. It reinforces the importance of adding value to retweets.

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  1. You always have such great information to share! With power comes responsibilty…and now I'm off, with the catchy song "Spiderman" humming in the background! ;-)

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