Twitter and @NiemanLab squeeze 6 links into one tweet

I did a search for the word “journalism” on Twitter and this was the first tweet that came up:

Tweet from @NiemanLab

Look at that amazing example of efficient linking. Twitter Search and Nieman Journalism Lab provide answers to six questions using one 133-character tweet:

  1. What is NiemanLab, and how can I follow it?
  2. Who is Andrew Lih?
  3. What is Lih’s book about?
  4. What is HootSuite?
  5. How can I reply to NiemanLab?
  6. How can I see this image in its original form?

Even if the tweet didn’t contain any shortened URLs, four links come “built-in” to each tweet.

What can we learn from this? How can you maximize the use of those four built-in Twitter links? Share your ideas in the comments below.