‘If you like’ #followfriday

Twitter’s #followfriday is a great way to recommend users that your friends should follow. The idea is that your friends trust you to only link to people who tweet about things they care about.

But your followers are probably a fairly diverse crowd. People who share your professional interests probably follow you. Some people who are into some of your hobbies might follow you. And some of your friends “in real life” probably follow your tweets.

How could you possibly recommend someone one person who would appeal to each of those diverse crowds?

So I propose that we qualify each #followfriday tweet by telling people why they should follow that person. For example: 

If you like one-liners, #followfriday @forces2.

If you want to learn more about #followfriday:

As always, please share your #followfriday tips in the comments below. Don’t forget to share links.

2 thoughts on “‘If you like’ #followfriday

  1. I've had mixed feelings about #followfriday for the same reason, more or less, but I love the idea, so today I participated for the first time (I think) by saying this:

    So, #followfriday People who should spend a day together building something: @davewiner, @brianboyer, @yelvington, @skydiver, @wilsonminer

    [ Link to that tweet: http://bit.ly/188FIm ]

    I've got an agenda, obviously — I want these people to follow each other. ;)

  2. When you recommend your audience for FF, make sure you treat your friends who have 2,000 followers the same as folks who have two followers. The point of FF is to bring new folks into the Twitter fold, but very often it turns into a bunch of Twitter power users/SEOs using FF to build each other's audience.

    Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that.

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