The Romper Room Twitter engagement tactic

I recently started sending daily “good morning” tweets that include the names of a few people I follow. Believe it or not, there’s a method to this madness.

I used to just send out a general morning salutation to no one in particular every morning. It was occasionally met with a reply.

But the Android Twitter client Twicca makes it really easy to mention multiple friends in one tweet, so one morning I decided to look at my main stream and see who was actually awake and tweeting, and I added a handful of them in my morning status update.

If I was a marketing professional, I might say that I am “targeting a social invitation to a currently active audience to increase the likelihood of eliciting a response with the goal of building engagement.”

I’m sure my childhood memories of Romper Room kicked in to inspire this idea. Watch Romper Room’s late “Miss Barbara” Plummer explain why she thinks the magic mirror was so special to the children who watched the show.

For those of you too young to have witnessed that magic mirror for yourself, here is what you missed.

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4 thoughts on “The Romper Room Twitter engagement tactic

  1. Great intro Kevin – I'd love to write more about what @TheRECoach is asking! coughGuestPostcough, lol ;) Anyway, to add to this, people want to be NOTICED, they want to know they aren't just a name on a list. And when you proactively engage people in a non-salesy way they feel compelled to respond. I can't tell you how many times I've just engaged people and ended up with opportunities, cool stories, and best of all new friends!

  2. Kevin, Thanks for remembering Romper Room. This is however not one of my best Magic Mirror clips. I can't believe I mispronounced Jose, it's so embarrassing. My most recent guilty pleasure is searching Romper Room in Twitter and finding people complaining that they were never seen in the Magic Mirror. I then Tweet them the Mirror Poem and their name. It's usually met with a fun response. My teenage children say I'm lame but it sure brings a smile to my face.

    • A belated thank you for stopping by here. I love that you're using Twitter to bring a smile to grown ups who will always remember watching the show. Your tweet blew me away, and I will forever use your tweet, and your comment here, to show how social media can spark unexpected introductions and just plain happiness.

      If you have a few seconds, could you share a few social media tips? Do you mostly use, Tweetdeck, or some other tool to search Twitter for Romper Room? How often do you check? Do you also monitor mentions in blogs? Most importantly, what is one of your best Magic Mirror clips?

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