Social metrics for journalists can help you track how many times people click on links you’ve shared on social networks, and Klout can measure how much “influence” you have online, but if you’re a journalist here are seven other numbers you might want to consider. Sorry, I don’t know of any advanced system to track these metrics, but an old-fashioned notepad or Google Docs can work.

  1. How many story ideas were inspired by messages you read on Twitter or Facebook?
  2. How many sourced did you find on social networks?
  3. How many questions did you answer for people on social networks?
  4. How many experts answered your questions on social networks?
  5. How many times did people reshare or retweet your message?
  6. How many of the people you follow actively discuss the topic you cover?
  7. How many of your followers actively discuss the topic you cover?

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Image courtesy of ‘David K K‘ via Flickr.