Facebook app, sans Messenger, can already read your text messages

Facebook’s mobile apps will soon stop supporting chat, and you’ll have to install and use its Messenger app if you want to continue messaging with your Facebook friends.

Some people are upset about this because they simply don’t like the new app, don’t want to be forced to bounce between two programs, or don’t like the messaging app’s required permissions.

Well, if you have Facebook’s current Android app, you already have given it permission to read all of your text messages, take a look at who has been calling you, and use GPS to track your location.

Below is a comparison of the the permissions required by Facebook and Facebook Messenger to access to your device’s location, text messaging, and phone information.

Compare the permissions that Facebook's two Android apps require.
Compare the permissions that Facebook’s two Android apps require.

The New York Times’ Molly Wood does a good job explaining how Facebook’s Apple apps ask for permissions as they are needed.

It’s important to understand that if you rely on apps and devices to connect you to other people, communities and organizations, those apps will require permissions to act on your behalf. You can easily uninstall the apps.