Many social elements would feed a storystream

A while back, I introduced the idea of a storystreaming platform, which is basically my dream system that would allow journalists to mix original reporting with social media and “user generated” content. It would also present those “mashups” as streams that tell a story, not as articles with widgets or boxes included as story “extras.”

I’ll be talking more about the storystreaming concept next week with Daniel Honigman, Mark Krynsky and Mona Nomura during the second day of the 140 character conference in Los Angeles, so I’m using this blog to share some possible topics of conversation.

To get a small idea of how large the scope of a storystreaming platform might be, let’s imagine that each social element of a storystream came from just one social media platform. Here is a list of elements, along with the just one platform that might be used to feed each element.

Of course, many social platforms are missing from this mix, and I haven’t even mentioned services like Twitpic that use the the Twitter platform to share non-textual content (pictures, video and sound recordings).

Tomorrow, I hope to dive into another part of the storystreaming idea. I’m not sure  what part, so please leave a comment below to let me know what you want to hear.