Links from a pro blogger: Ads, editors, and Google

Orange County Register columnist and real estate blogger Jonathan Lansner includes the #allink hashtag in tweets that he think might interest Almighty Link readers. If you have social media or journalism tips to share, add #allink in your tweets, and I will gather them for a future Almighty Link post.

  1. Jon Lansner
    jonlan RT @erikgable: Five lessons about online story comments: #allink
  2. Jon Lansner
    jonlan Does anybody really know who reads what online? “New Nielsen Data Likely to Shock Some Web Publishers” by Ad Age #allink
  3. Jon Lansner
    jonlan “Inside’s Relaunch: The Philosophy After the Facelift” (Fast Company) #allink
  4. Jon Lansner
    jonlan “Small and local wins the race” Crain’s New York Business on tiny newspapers #allink
  5. Jon Lansner
    jonlan End of an era! Editor & Publisher is shut down. (from @Romenesko) #allink
  6. Jon Lansner
    jonlan Google Adds Twitter to Search Appliance (PC World) #allink
  7. Jon Lansner
    jonlan “Content Farms: Why Media, Blogs & Google Should Be Worried” (ReadWriteWeb) #allink
  8. Jon Lansner
    jonlan RT @alleyinsider: CBS Dumps All Online Ad Networks #allink

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