Google, please personalize search with these 38 social items

Google started personalizing everyone’s search results last week. This week, they added real time search. If they get social, they can make make search really personal. Here is the start of what I would want integrated into a personalized search algorithm:

  1. Twitter: Pages that I’ve linked to
  2. Twitter: Pages that my friends have linked to
  3. Twitter: My lists
  4. Delicious: My bookmarks
  5. Delicious: My network
  6. Delicious: My network’s bookmarks
  7. Google Reader: My subscriptions
  8. Google Reader: My tags
  9. Google Reader: Items I’ve liked
  10. Google Reader: Items shared by people I follow
  11. Google Reader: Items I’ve starred
  12. Google Reader: Items I’ve shared
  13. Google Reader: Items I’ve commented on
  14. Vimeo: My likes
  15. Vimeo: Channels (topics) that I subscribe to
  16. Vimeo: Groups (communities) that I belong to
  17. Vimeo: My contacts
  18. Vimeo: My videos
  19. Vimeo: My albums
  20. YouTube: My favorites
  21. YouTube: My subscriptions
  22. YouTube: My playlists
  23. YouTube: My videos
  24. Songs that I’ve blipped
  25. Songs that my favorite DJs have blipped
  26. My playlist
  27. My favorite DJs’ playlists
  28. My library
  29. Music recommended by
  30. My listened tracks
  31. My top artists
  32. My top tracks
  33. My tags
  34. My groups
  35. My loved tracks
  36. My friends’ activity
  37. Friendfeed: My feed
  38. Friendfeed: My friends’ feeds

Each of those items mean more to me than popular, or “trending,” topics from social networks.

Of course, this is just the beginning. A socially personalized search should also include Facebook and LinkedIn activity. For me, Social Median and Publish2 would be helpful.

What about you? What social media factors would improve your search results?