Buffer does Twitter chat right with handwritten notes

handwritten thanks
Buffer sent me this note after a Twitter chat

Here is how  to do a Twitter chat the right way.

A few weeks ago, I participated in #bufferchat, a weekly Twitter chat hosted by Buffer, a tool that schedules posts on social networks.

Nicole Miller (aka @nmillerbooks), a Buffer employee, recently thanked me for my participation. She asked for my address so she could send me some stickers. I got the goodies in the mail yesterday, along with the handwritten “thank you” note pictured above.

When was the last time a company sent you a thank you note?

When was the last time a company sent you a handwritten thank you note?

When was the last time a company sent you a handwritten thank you note for a product or service that you hadn’t even purchased?

That’s right. I don’t pay for Buffer’s subscription service. The free product does everything I need right now, but I’ll gladly pay for a subscription the second my needs change, and I currently sing its praises whenever it can help someone get his or her job done.

You can check out the whole chat. Honestly, like most good Twitter chats I’ve seen, this one works best as a live experience, so make sure to join tomorrow’s chat at 9 a.m. PDT. Erik Fisher, community manager at Social Media Examiner will discuss Facebook marketing and engagement.

What are your favorites?

Are you a fan of Buffer?

Do you have examples of exceptional Twitter chats?

What tools do you use to schedule social media posts?

Leave a comment below, or strike up a conversation on Twitter @ksablan.

I’m not alone

Miller said she sends stickers to many new chat participants, and I was able to find quite a few tweets to confirm that. This kind of outreach makes people feel special about themselves and about your service. It compels people to share their excitement and appreciation with their Twitter friends. Witness:

4 thoughts on “Buffer does Twitter chat right with handwritten notes

  1. Yes, I enjoy Buffer’s chat very much. I use Tweetchat.com for my chats. I’ve seen others but I prefer the way it works.

    I do send out hand-written cards. Because they’re so rare these days, they’re even more appreciated.

    • Thanks, Bridget. Years ago, I used Tweetgrid’s “party” feature to participate in Twitter chats. For a while, I had to use my phone to regularly contribute to a chat. That was a challenge. I haven’t found a great mobile app for Twitter chats. Have you?

  2. Wow, Kevin!

    Thank you so much for this incredible post! I’m so touched by all the tweets you gathered and all your kind words! :) We really are so grateful to have you be a part of Buffer and #bufferchat :)

    You rock!

    Nicole :)

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