5 reasons for executives to tweet, from a CEO

Chuck Peters (@cpetersia on Twitter) is the chief executive at The Gazette Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I asked if it would be wise for news executives to join Twitter, Peters replied that it is an important part of his work.

Chuck Peters tweet about the importance of Twitter for his job

I asked Peters to provide a few reasons why news executives should use Twitter. He offers these five points.

  1. If you do participate, you can be connected to the most forward thinking people on local information systems in your company, community, country and world.
  2. To have any success at all, you will have to break down the “corporate shield” and act like a real person.
  3. When you express a thought, or ask a question, you will more than likely get a thoughtful response from an unlikely source.
  4. I have met very interesting people from Oslo, London, Poland, Australia who are interested in the same areas. That simply would not have happened without Twitter. My thoughts and concerns and interests are broadcast for all to see. It is amazing how they get picked up.
  5. My perspective and thought processes are richer since using Twitter.

Peters also referenced my previous post in which I referenced  Jay Rosen’s personalized news stream by The Twitter Times. Peters wrote:

If you follow that list, which is very easy with Twitter Times, you will get links to perspectives that are not easy to find without using the Twitter tool. Your fundamental assumptions will be called into question. You will understand, by following those people on Twitter, that very intelligent and well meaning people are trying to create a new future. One in which you and your company should participate.

Thank you to Steve Buttry (@stevebuttry) for suggesting I reach out to Peters.