14,385 links to Colonel Tribune’s Twitter page

During the first week of March, 685 messages on Twitter mentioned @coloneltribune. If each tweet was sent by someone with 70 followers (the average according to HubSpot), the word “@coloneltribune” might have been seen by 47,950 people.

Since the Twitter web site automatically links “@coloneltribune” to Colonel Tribune’s Twitter page, that translates to almost 48,000 links, right? Well, not quite. The web site is used by approximately 30% of all Twitter users according to Twitstat. So those mentions would have been seen as links by as many as 14,385 web-using Twitterers.

What does this mean for reach and revenue?

  • Mentions of @coloneltribune had a chance to reach over 7 times more people than the 6,674 followers that the Colonel had on March 7.
  • If the the Colonel’s Twitter background image were sold to an advertiser for seven days at $5 (the price of backgrounds recently sold through TwittAd), and each of thos 14,385 mentions were clickded on once, the CPM equivalent of that background ad would be $.35.

But my methodology is nowhere near perfect.

  • Only some people see every tweet from every person they follow.
  • People would have seen links to the Colonel’s twitter page every time @colenoltribune showed up as a result of a Twitter Search
  • The web isn’t the only  tool that links “@” references to a Twitter page.

The numbers for this post were gathered using Twitter Search, TwitterCounterYahoo Pipes and Google Docs.

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